What we want to do

Everyone has the right to get access on the latest technology and we are committed to help them.

About the company

Dharlasoft is a registered Software Firm at Kurigram, BD. It has registered as a Business Organization by Kurigram Municipality and also registered as a Software Firm by BSCIC (Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation) Reg. No. KU-20211223-0002926.


Now we are a startup but we have maintained all the required features that must have a Software Firm. Here are the few of them.

Creative peoples

We have a small but creative team to solved any complex problem and make suitable solutions for our customers and we are happy to do that.


We are very aware about cyber security to protect our customers data. We are regularly monitoring our applications and servers to check possible vulnerability.


We have a dedicated team to provide necessary support instantly in our office time. In emergency situation we can also provide quick support.


UI/UX Design

UI/UX is now very trending subject to improve the user experience, we have a very good and experienced UI/UX team.

Web Design and Development

If you want to get a digital identity of your business you must have a website or if your want to get relief from the boring stuff of your own/business you must automate the boring stuff by using web Apps.

Smartphone Apps Development

In this information era we see that geometric progression of smartphone users. So it will be a wise decision to make Smartphone Apps for your potential customers.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

We are providing the best web hosting services in a cheap price. All of our hosting packages are secured and reliable.

Cloud Services

We are expert in Cloud Services. We can provide any cloud services with configuration and reliable maintenance.

Electronics Device Development

We are providing electronic device development service for your business. We can automate your any business task that is time consuming and repeated. We can also built small Robot.

IT Consulting

We have a dedicated team to provide you any IT advice. Our consulting fee is 500 taka/hour (Diploma Engineer) and 1000 taka/hour (B.Sc Engineer).

We are registered

We are registered by these organizations.

House#115, Vocational More, Nilaram Road, Kurigram, BD 5600

Our hours

10:00 AM – 19.00 PM
Sunday – Thursday

Contact us

Phone: +880 1833 348235
Email: dharlasoft@gmail.com

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